This page collects all the BVAC documentation in one place. This page is published (public) but is not linked on the BVAC menu. The URL may be shared with anyone. If necessary the page may be protected by a password, or simply be unpublished and left in draft.

BVAC Website overview.

Covering the initial handover after installation of the Oxygen Builder, set-up of new templates and some page editing done - particular focus on the new front page structure.

BVAC Managing Menus

Covering in detail the menu tool in WordPress and, in particular, how menus are managed within the Oxygen template and page builder system.

Part 1 of 2 - 05:46mins

Part 2 of 2 - 12:53mins

BVAC Pages and Posts

Describing, in various levels of detail, the creation of pages and posts using the various builders (Gutenburg, Elementor, and Oxygen) as well as within the Oxygen template system. The detailed version (in 2 parts) will answer most anticipated questions.

Super Extra Brief Version - 08:07mins

Brief Version - 11:15mins

Detail Version Part 1 of 2 - 05:20mins

Detailed Version Part 2 of 2 - 34:00mins

BVAC Duplicate a Page or Post

How to easily duplicate an page or post as a starter for a new page. Useful as an easy method, however it's also worth considering Oxygen Reusable Components for this.


BVAC User Made an Author for a Group

Create a user In WordPress (also create an email address in Cpanel) with the role Author, and make them the Author of a BVAC Group Page. This allows a designated person to manage a BVAC group page. They will need some training on whichever page builder is used on that page. Access to the Cpanel panel in order to create the email account necessary for then creating a WordPress user account - see the Admin for login details to Cpanel. The user capabilities for the Author role in WordPress has been slightly modified to allow editing of Pages (as well as Posts).


Managing Email Accounts via cPanel

Use the cPanel login (with great care) to create and manage email accounts on the domain.


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