Anna-Margot Millton (Anna-Margot Originals)

I was brought in an arty house, my Mum was a trained artist and my Dad was a rock hound, they both encouraged us all to pursue our own interests, from an early age I have been fascinated with rocks, the detail required to create jewellery and at 14 was introduced to the art of enamelling, that was it I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In the early 80’s I moved back to Australia and in 1985 started my own business, in 1986 I opened the doors of my shop selling tools and equipment, making jewellery, repairing and teaching others how to make jewellery. In 2008 I closed my shop and went back to my roots working from home and caring for my elderly parents and my daughter.

As well as teaching jewellery making, enamelling and creating works for exhibition I am editor in chief of Metal Stone and Glass magazine and president of the Queensland Enamellers Guild and a part of Scattered Arts, for the last few years I have been demonstrating enamelling at the BVAC pop up shops.


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