Cherryl McIntyre

SPOTLIGHT: Cherryl McIntyre – Cherryl is a Brisbane-based artist who is a founding member of The Leathercrafters Association of Qld Inc. Cherryl’s passionate commitment to  leather takes a new refreshing, innovative approach with the medium while working broadly across the craft from traditional Leathercraft techniques through to sculpture and fashion accessories.


Leathercraft – Evidence of the act of using animal skins for various uses was found in pieces of leather dating as far back as 1300 B.C. Primitive societies in Europe, Asia and North America all developed the technique of turning skins into leather goods independently of one another.

The Leathercrafters Association of Qld Inc was formed in 1985 and is dedicated to the development of the present and future members to encourage the highest standards and and to promote and advance leather in its many forms.


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